Chemainus Theatre Board

In 2003 when the Chemainus Theatre Board required a job done with utmost attention, care, integrity, financial responsibility and quality, we all thought that we were asking more than any one could hope for.

We had the faith and trust, however, to assign this contract to R.W. (Bob) Wall Ltd.

Despite a market with a shortage of trades people and our wanting the project completed in one year, this seemed like an overwhelming task. Bob immediately made the hotel his number one priority and was personally on site, as manager, every day. He chose reputable and experienced contractors and they, along with Bob, worked long hours.

He proved to be a capable administrator at the job site and was reluctant to accept excuses for any delay that would prevent the hotel being built within the one year time limit and budget constraints. Towards this end, he was assisted capably by his daughter, Donna, in her role as general manager. She likewise showed the same tenacity, character and timeless effort in ensuring that this project was finished on time. In addition to the hotel, Donna was also managing the various other projects that the company was involved in and similarly worked long hours and week-ends.

Bob and Donna and their company deserve tremendous respect and the sincere and grateful thanks of all of us. We made the right choice. In spite of the pressures of the job, Bob was never too busy to show people around and discuss the various aspects involved with this project. He maintained a kind and friendly attitude to all involved and never once showed the pressure or worry that he faced daily in this huge undertaking.

R.W. (Bob) Wall is a good company to do business with and are wonderful people to have around. We are truly blessed in that Bob agreed to supervise this project for us and he has our everlasting thanks and appreciation.

JoAnn Harding
Chairman of the Board

Salvation Army

R.W. (Bob) Wall Ltd. has  has constructed a multi service centre for the homeless including the renovations to an existing social services centre in Nanaimo BC for The Salvation Army on a construction management arrangement.

As one of the Salvation Army's national project managers I can, without hesitation, recommend R.W. (Bob) Wall Ltd. for a building program similar to our own. This was a difficult project for a number of reasons, one of which was the extremely tight site and, secondly, we had a very limited budget.

Bob Wall and Donna Hais have been extremely cooperative on these projects. I would be pleased to work with them again on any future project.

Bruce Fair, B. Arch., MRAIC
Architectural Consultant

Mueller-Warden Projects Inc.

Upon the successful completion of the Chamainus Festival Inn Motel we would like to extend our appreciation for the cooperation and professionalism exhibited by the R.W. (Bob) Wall Ltd. Custom Contracting Management, Office and Site Personnel during the course of development of this excellently constructed project.

Occasionally projects present themselves as a challenge for all of involved: owners, contractor and designers… However, the expertise and experience of yourself and your team was a definitive factor in ensuring that the construction program flowed as smoothly as it did.

Monitoring the progress of construction during the recent number of months, we see R.W. (Bob) Wall Ltd. as a Contractor of highest caliber and integrity.

We would be honoured and pleased to act as a reference for any of your prospective clients you would like to refer to us.

Yours truly,
W.J. Warden, Principal

Devon Transport

Devon Transport Ltd. has done business R.W. (Bob) Wall Ltd. for over twenty years. During that time they have been directly involved in all aspects of residential, professional, and commercial projects with our company.

The projects have varied but include small renovations, major construction and project management. We would estimate the total value of all the projects to be in excess of fifteen million dollars, with the single larges project being in excess of four million dollars.

We have found Bob Wall and all his staff to be professional, honest, informed, knowledgeable and most importantly committed to our satisfaction.

We would highly recommend his firm to anyone and we can be reached at 250-729-2406 if you have any questions.

Yours truly,
Greg Willmon
Director of Fleet and Properties