In 1969 R. W. Wall and his father incorporated a residential construction company.  Over the next seventeen years

R. W. Wall and his father constructed several hundred residential construction projects on Vancouver Island.
In 1986 R. W. Wall incorporated R. W. (Bob) Wall Ltd. with the specific intent of addressing commercial construction
projects.  Over the past twenty-six years, R. W. Wall and his business partner, Donna Hais have built a commercial
portfolio which includes professional offices; hotels; pubs; restaurants; warehouses; retail spaces; apartment buildings;
social housing projects; dental clinics; medical offices; surgical centres; schools and churches.  
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Presently we are building five commercial projects:  one hotel; a condominium project; a 'mixed use' building
with two floors of medical offices and one floor of condominiums; a surgical centre and a 'mixed use' building
with light industrial use on the first floor and commercial offices and retail tenants on the second floor.
An important key to R. W. (Bob) Wall Ltd. doing well in each economy over the past three decades has come
from our investment in training workers. All of our site superintendents have apprenticed with our company. 
We also participate in the B. C. Apprenticeship program in a variety of ways, such as providing the site
superintendent so that the Vancouver Island University carpentry class could build the Nanaimo Chamber of
Commerce building.
R. W. Wall has served as president of the Nanaimo division of the National Home Builders Association and
has served on the provincial Board of Directorsfor this organization.  R. W. Wall, personally holds the title
of 'Registered Professional Builder' with the N.H.B.A., and has a 'Gold Seal Certificate' for Project Management
and a 'Gold Seal Certificate' for Estimating, as issued by the Canadian Construction Association.
In the most volatile industry in Canada, where businesses frequently fail, R. W. (Bob) Wall Ltd. is thriving
because of old fashioned corporate values. We provide good honest work that we and our clients take
considerable pride in.