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A Project Manager is responsible to assist the Owner with the land purchase and project financing. A Project Manager will help with re-zoning and sub-dividing the land. They will oversee the presentation of your project to the 'Design Panel'. They will also apply for the 'Development Permit' and put out an RFP (request for proposal) for an architect, and all the engineers required to achieve these goals and advise the Owner who to hire for these positions.

Once the design is complete, the Project Manager will apply for the Building Permit. The also prepare the construction budget and help the Owner choose a Construction Manger, or a General Contractor. The Project Manger will also oversee the Construction Manager or General Contractor as the project is assembled. They are the Owner's agent in the entire 'construction arena' and sometimes they even assist with the leasing as well.



Once the plans and specifications are complete the Construction Manager will receive competitive tenders (bids) for all materials and trades required to build the Owner's project. They will then advise the Project Manager or the Owner which bids they think should be accepted. With the Project Manager or the Owner's permission they will award the Sub-Contractors and supervise the assembly process and inspect daily to maintain quality throughout. They maintain a construction schedule and are responsible for all construction, but not design. The Construction Manager is only responsible for on-site activities.


The General Contractor does not assist with acquiring the land, the plans and specifications or the permits. These are all secured by someone else. The General Contractor agrees to build as per plans and specifications for the fixed fee or percentage. They hire the suppliers and sub-contractors they choose to deliver the project. Any savings or losses along the way is the General Contractor's responsibility. The Project Manager or Owner check the General Contractor's work as it proceeds along with he 'Design Team' and the Municipal Building Inspector.